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Dr. Felix G. Hamza-Lup
I am interested in improving and developing novel simulation and interactive distributed systems/interfaces that use multisensory communication channels including haptic feedback. My research "battlefield" is at the frontiers of cognitive science and human computer interaction with applications in simulation, training and data acquisition. I work with very talented students that share similar research interests. In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, open water diving, and digital photography. Come join my team. Visit my homepage and check out the projects. E-mail me if you are interested in research and innovation. Be ready to work hard and be a the "top of the wave".
Dr. Felix Hamza-Lup
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Graduate Research

Steven Finnell
Received a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with minors in Cyber Security and Computer Science from Armstrong State University and is currently working as a Programmer/Developer II for the University of South Carolina. He strongly believes in the motto to work smarter not harder and because of that, he is interested in exploring avenues where technology can improve peoples lives or make their jobs easier. Eventually Steven hopes to pursue a Master's degree in Computer Science to further his knowledge and understanding of technology.
Steven Finnell
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Undergraduate Research

Thomas Swanson, Computer Science
Thomas Swanson is from Long Island, New York, and he has been living in Georgia for 8 years. He is currently a graduating senior at Georgia Southern University-Armstrong pursuing a B.Sc. in Computer Science. Thomas has also studied for a year at the Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur with a focus in Game Art and Design. Thomas is involved with 3D Smart City modelling and programming using X3D.
Thomas Swanson

Kyle Bergeron, Computer Science
Kyle Bergeron is a Computer Science major with a minor in mathematics studying at Georgia Southern University graduating in Fall 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree. He is interested in software engineering design and implementation, human computer interaction, AR/VR, haptic devices, brain computer interfaces, and game development. He enjoys playing video games, card games, creating new games, running, and playing soccer.
Kyle Bergeron

Daniel Newton, Computer Science
Daniel will graduate from Georgia Southern University in Fall 2018 with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Personal hobbies include: video games, technology, programming, playing ukulele, fashion, and eSports. He has a passion for creating user-friendly software that can provide entertainment/benefits to users. He is interested in developing gaming, musical, or medical software for mobile, web-based, and wearable interfaces.
Daniel Newton

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Faith-Anne L. Kocadag, Computer Science
Faith-Anne was born in Los Angeles, California, but has spent half of her life in the Savannah area. She has traveled around California, Georgia, Washington State, and Germany. She has a background in Physics and Real Estate, and has found a love of Computer Science that can only be described as "obsessive." Her hobbies/interests include figure skating, dancing and travelling. Immediate goals include finding outlets for her creativity and inspiring more women to try Computer Science. She joined the group in 2011 and is currently part of the Savannah in 3D team.
Faith-Anne Kocadag

Shane A. Farrar, Computer Science
Finished a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Armstrong and started a Master's Degree. He has a passion for encouraging excellence in himself and, more importantly, those around him. Shane has had an interest in Computer Science since middle school, and is excited to expand his understanding of the field's concepts. Shane's areas of interests and study include virtual reality, embedded systems, and functional programming.Other interests of his include taking long walks, fishing, and swimming. He is currently working and pursuing a Master degree in CS and Georgia Tech.
Shane Farrar

Gunpreet Kaur, Computer Science
received Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Punjab Technical University, India. The ever growing field of Information Technology has motivated Gunpreet to pursue and complete a Masters degree in Computer Science. She is currently working with X3D and haptic devices as a Graduate Assistant at the NEWS Lab. Her future goal is to become an application developer with a focus on real-world problems.
Gunpreet Kaur

Eckard "Andy" Cabistan, Computer Science
Andy was born in Athens, Georgia, and raised in his parents' homeland of Costa Rica. As a teenager, Andy started developing a strong interest for computer graphics, which inspired him to move back to America to pursue a career in Computer Science. Andy is a strong believer that through innovative ideas, technology can make a difference in people's lives. In his free time he enjoys doing outdoor activities like running, soccer, and tennis. He joined the group in 2011 and is currently an alumni of the NEWS lab and part of the Savannah in 3D team.
Eckard -Andy- Cabistan

Benjamin Page, Computer Science
received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Audio Production from Webster University in St. Louis in 1998. He is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science while working full time as a Cyber Security Analyst at AASU's Cyber Security Research Institute. As part of his graduate research, he is working with a team to simulate gyroscopic forces with haptic devices. Ben is especially interested in open source computing, and maintains several Linux servers. In his free time, Ben collects obscure techno records.
Awards [show]
Ben Page

Tony Lucento, Computer Science
is an IT professional returning to college as a computer science student after several years in the industry. He worked in various IT and software development positions in industries such as electronic payment processing, manufacturing, and government. Tony's professional interests include OO design patterns, web services, remote database management systems, and human-computer interaction. He joined the group in 2008 and was part of the Neuro Pathways team.
Memberships [show]
Tony Lucento

Michael Brundage, Information Technology
is an Information Technology major with plans for a Masters in Computer Science. He has spent the last few years designing Printed Circuit Boards for Automated Circuit Design, in Texas. During his time here, he helped design circuit boards for companies such as Intel and Hewlett-Packard. Michael is interested in computer graphics and other computer applications. His future goals are to get involved with the research and protection of endangered animals through the use of technology.
Michael Brundage

Elizabeth Murrell, Computer Science
is a Georgia native. She joined the NEWS group in 2008 Elizabeth completed her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. She is interested in haptics technology and its applications in simulation.
Elizabeth Murrell

Eric Davis, Computer Science
has joined the group in 2009. He plans on pursuing a Master degree in computer science. His areas of interests are in hand-held devices, ubiquitous systems, and human computer interaction. Eric has been involved with the ACM programming competition for three years. He is currently working at the Haptic Precession project.
Eric Davis

Jazmine Carpenter, STEP Student
Jazmine Carpenter is a native of Savannah, GA. As a child Jazmine was always fascinated by computers and attracted by the unique way they operate. With the help of the STEP program, Jazmine has gotten a head start towards her goal of pursuing a career in Information Technology.
Jazmine Carpenter

James LaPlant, Computer Science
moved from Arizona in 2004 and graduated with a bachelor degree in Computer Science at AASU in 2008. He is interested in all aspects of software system design and programming and is currently pursuing his Masters degree in Computer Science. He is part of the HaptEK-16 and the BACH research teams.
Awards [show]
Talks and Presentations [show]
James LaPlant

Ivan Sopin, Computer Science
is originally from Syktyvkar, Russia. He is in AASU since August 2005. As a research assistant at NEWS Lab, Ivan investigates new interaction models for 3D web interfaces. He is a team member of the (3DRTT) project, a real-time web-based 3D graphical simulator aiming at improving cancer treatment. He has created the univero project, and has done the development for the VIEW and Neuro Pathways projects. Ivan enjoys music and arts and plays guitar. Visit Ivan's homepage.
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Ivan Sopin

Jonathan Norman, Computer Science
is a native from Savannah. He joined the research group in 2008. He is interested in Networking, specifically Quality-of-Service definition for haptic data distribution.
Jonathan Norman

Simona Clapan, Computer Science
is an international graduate student from Romania. She joined the research group in 2008. Her experience includes software development for Monster Technologies, Czech Republic, and Softhouse International, Romania. She is interested in haptics research and interactive web applications development and is currently part of the Neuro Pathways and the BACH research teams. In her free time she likes to travel and dance.
Talks and Presentations [show]
Simona Clapan

Benjamin M. Lambeth, Information Technology
has been at AASU since 2004. He graduated in Spring 2009. Benjamin started his own business and he is still involved with the research we are doing through the BACH Project.
Talks and Presentations [show]
Markus Lambeth

Carlos Sanchez, Mechanical Engineering
joined the group from Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico. He started his studies in engineering in 2005 at the Abraham Baldwing Agricultural College in Tifton, Georgia. Carlos is interested in 3D modelling. He modelled various components of radiation therapy equipment for the 3DRTT project and the VIEW project. He is currently pursuing his engineering studies at Georgia Tech.
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Carlos Sanchez

Donna Bryant, Computer Science & Mathematics
earned her M.A. in Mathematics from Western Kentucky University and worked as a programmer/analyst before coming to AASU. As an independent consultant, her speciality was the IBM I-series system and RPG programming. She was involved with the DICOM-RT image processing for the 3DRTT project. Donna is now working as a business/systems analyst for Gulfstream in Savannah, GA. She is an excellent tennis and team player.
Donna Bryant

Michele Adams, Computer Science
graduated in December 2007 with a Master degree in Computer Science. During her involvement with the NEWS research group Michele has gained advanced expertise in Multimodal environments and e-Learning. She lead the development and assessment of the HaptEK-16 project. Michele plans to open her own business in educational technology.
Michele Adams

Eric Freeman, Computer Science
studied in the Computer Science program at AASU and was involved in the development of the HaptEK-16 project. He moved with his family to Atlanta and is currently studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Eric Freeman
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