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Haptic Gyroscope Simulator (2010) [WMV] (~9 MB)
A visuo-haptic gyroscope simulator to show angular momentum conservation.

Virtual Interactive Engineering on the Web—VIEW (2010) [MP4] (~7 MB)
3D Mechanical Assembly Simulator - 3D Toothbrush.


Haptic Friction Simulator (2009) [AVI] (~4 MB)
A haptic friction simulator for the inclined plane experiment.


Neuro Pathways (2008) [AVI] (~27 MB)
Demonstration of the current features of the Advanced Nervous System simulator.

Broadband Analysis of Collaborative Haptics—BACH (2008) [MP4] (~12 MB)
Live illustration of the cube-stacking problem implementation with haptics.

Virtual Interactive Engineering on the Web—VIEW (2008) [AVI] (~18 MB)
Presentation of the Instron Tensile Testing Machine simulator.


Haptic Environments for K-16—HaptEK16 (2007) [AVI] (~11 MB)
Demonstration of Pascal's principle using force feedback.

3D Radiation Therapy Online Training—3DRTT (Script/HTML Menus) Novalis (2007) [AVI] (~36 MB)
Overview of 3DRTT Novalis linac simulator, with JavaScript-based feature set.

3D Radiation Therapy Online Training—3DRTT (Script/HTML Menus) Varian (2007) [AVI] (~43 MB)
Overview of 3DRTT Varian linac simulator, with JavaScript-based feature set.


3D Radiation Therapy Online Training—3DRTT (X3D Menus) Novalis (2006) [AVI] (~40 MB)
Overview of 3DRTT Novalis linac simulator, with X3D-only functionality.

3D Radiation Therapy Online Training—3DRTT (X3D Menus) Varian (2006) [AVI] (~37 MB)
Overview of 3DRTT Varian linac simulator, with X3D-only functionality.